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UK Trade Envoy visits Taiwan to strengthen bilateral trade

Lord Faulkner's attendance at Energy Taiwan aims to strengthen collaboration between the UK and Taiwan in offshore wind, green finance and hydrogen energy.

Lord Faulkner

UK Trade Envoy to Taiwan, Lord Faulkner of Worcester, will represent the UK, along with 6 UK businesses, at ‘Energy Taiwan 2018’ (19 to 21 September) to strengthen UK-Taiwan trade relations in the renewable energy sector.

At the invitation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Lord Faulkner will attend the opening ceremony of ‘Energy Taiwan 2018’ on 19 September. He will also speak at the ‘Hydrogen Energy Industry Trend Forum’ on 20 September to highlight the UK’s capability in hydrogen vehicle technology and to promote the UK’s leadership in the adoption of zero emission vehicle technologies.

Six UK businesses participating at ‘Energy Taiwan Forum’ will share details of UK innovative technologies and products for offshore wind energy, green finance and hydrogen energy. They will explore opportunities for further collaboration between the UK and Taiwan in these sectors.

Energy Taiwan Forum

The 6 UK businesses participating in the ‘Energy Taiwan Forum’ are:

The Energy Taiwan website provides more information about the ‘Energy Taiwan Forum’.

Published 17 September 2018