Trade envoys

Trade envoys are a network of PM appointed parliamentarians, drawn from across the political spectrum.

The trade envoys engage with one or more emerging markets where substantial trade and investment opportunities have been identified by UK government.

They support the drive for economic growth by building on the UK’s existing relations with these markets and maximising bilateral trade, thereby generating real and long term benefits for the UK.

The Trade Envoy programme began in 2012 and continues to go from strength to strength.

There are 27 Trade Envoys covering 57 markets.

The trade envoys are:

Name Responsibility
Adam Afriyie MP Ghana, Guinea
Andrew Percy MP Canada
Andrew Rosindell MP Tanzania
Andrew Selous MP South Africa
Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury Mexico
Baroness Morris of Bolton Jordan, Kuwait, Palestinian Territories
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan
Baroness Northover Angola, Zambia
Ed Vaizey MP Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
Jeremy Lefroy MP Ethiopia
John Howell MP Nigeria
Lord Astor of Hever Oman
Lord (Richard) Faulkner Taiwan
Lord Janvrin Turkey
Lord Lamont Iran
Lord Popat Uganda, Rwanda
Lord Risby of Haverhill Algeria
Mark Menzies MP Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru
Mark Prisk MP Brazil, Nordic and Baltic region
Mark Pritchard MP Georgia, Armenia
Paul Scully MP Burma, Brunei, Thailand
Pauline Latham MP Kenya
Richard Graham MP Indonesia, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Philippines, Malaysia
Rushanara Ali MP Bangladesh
Simon Hart MP Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic
Sir Henry Bellingham MP Libya
Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP Egypt

The Trade Envoy Team, led by Angela Whelan, coordinates the strategic deployment of the trade envoy network.

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