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UK shares best practices on anti-corruption with Mexico

The report ‘Tackling Corruption: Reflections from the Comptroller General of Mexico City’ was recently launched at the British Embassy in Mexico City.

Antonio Mazzitelli, HMA Duncan Taylor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, Eduardo Rovelo and Israel Hernández.

The report ‘Best Practice in Tackling Corruption: Reflections from the Comptroller General of Mexico City’ highlights the challenges and opportunities in establishing the National Anti-corruption System at federal and local levels. It addresses the fight against corruption and its main components: open government, transparency, oversight and the professionalisation of public services.

The report is a collection of essays and reflections by Mexican academics and civil servants which look at the importance of joint responsibility between government and civil society, the prevention of corruption, and the presentation of various examples of good practice implemented by the Comptroller General of Mexico City.

This work is the result of a joint effort between the British Embassy in Mexico City, the Comptroller General of Mexico City and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Mexico.

During the past two years the British Embassy, through the Prosperity Fund, has collaborated with local and federal government in Mexico on anti-corruption, transparency and open government issues, in order to help implement the National Anti-corruption System at all levels.

'Prácticas en el Combate a la Corrupción, Reflexiones desde la Contraloría General de la Ciudad de México'

The fight against corruption, the application of open government tools and greater transparency are issues of great importance to both Mexico and the UK. The Embassy’s participation in this project followed the Global Anti-Corruption Summit 2016 and the bilateral UK-Mexico Memorandum of Understanding on Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Open Government.

This initiative has supported the work of the Alliance for Open Government in Mexico, in order to involve citizens in the creation of Local Anti-Corruption Systems in accordance with the principles of Open Government.

The launch event was attended by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Mexico, Duncan Taylor; Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera; Mexico City Comptroller, Eduardo Rovelo Pico; and UNODC Representative in Mexico, Antonio Mazzitelli.

Published 13 July 2017