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UK Higher Education Mission visits Ecuador

A delegation from the International Unit of UK Higher Education will visit Ecuador on 14th and 15th September 2015.



Senior academics from 15 UK universities will visit Ecuador on 14 and 15 September 2015. This education mission aims to strengthen education ties and the exchange of knowledge between Ecuador and the United Kingdom.

The visitors will also pursue opportunities for collaboration between universities in both countries in research, postgraduate training and exchanges of teachers and students.

The British academics also plan to develop a strong relationship with the higher education authorities in the Ecuadorean government. This will include possible partnerships with the the four new public universities which focus on Innovation, Education, Biosciences and the the Arts.

The delegation will be led by Professor Colin Grant, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of International Relations at the University of Bath, and Chair of the International Unit’s Latin America Community of Practice. The delegates will also be accompanied by Vivienne Stern, Director of the UK Higher Education International Unit, and Sean O’Connor, Senior Policy Officer.

This visit builds on growing cooperation in higher education between Ecuador and the UK. Over 200 scholarship students funded by the Ecuadorean government went to leading UK universities in 2014.

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Published 2 September 2015