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UK funds independent opinion research in Iraq

The UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund in Iraq is funding the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to conduct independent public opinion research across Iraq.


The first of six surveys has just been released. With Daesh defeated territorially, Iraqis are prioritising jobs, corruption and government effectiveness; the demands on the next government to create jobs and deliver services are high. Reform is back on people’s agenda.

The results show that Iraqi men and women are refocusing on economic challenges of unemployment and corruption. Iraqis are positive about their future. Sectarianism is losing its public appeal with results showing that most Iraqis are willing to compromise for the unity of the country. However, though security forces enjoy broad public support, trust in governing institutions and structures is at a critical low.

Post-election there is a real opportunity to form an inclusive and representative government. Iraqis believe that Central and local governments need to be more responsive and effective in addressing citizens’ needs, and do more to communicate their efforts. Building trust in public institutions is a precondition for resilience and long-term development.

This project, run by NDI and sponsored by the UK government, aims to help the government of Iraq, civil society and the international community to monitor and understand conditions in Iraq, and to better understand and respond to the needs of citizens as they evolve over the longer term. The first of these national surveys was conducted between February and April 2018, through 14,350 face-to-face interviews across Iraq. For more information about this project please contact: Ancuta Hansen at

Read the survey findings here

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Published 18 July 2018
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