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UK and Uganda co-operate to prevent international crime

British High Commissioner recognises contribution of Uganda Police Force.

HE Alison Blackburne

British High Commissioner HE Alison Blackburne speaking at the networking reception.

The British High Commissioner, Alison Blackburne, hosted an event at her Residence this week to celebrate co-operation between UK and Ugandan law enforcement agencies. At the event, the High Commissioner presented certificates to a number of commissioners and investigators from the Uganda Police Force, InterPol Division, who were involved in a recent UK-Uganda joint operation into the theft of high value motor vehicles. The High Commissioner also recognised the support of officers from the Enforcement Division of the Uganda Revenue Authority.

HE Alison Blackburne hands-over a certificate to Inspector of Police Chris Musana in recognition of his role in the investigation of thefts of high value motor vehicles

The event at the Residence was attended by representatives of a number of UK departments and agencies, including the NCA, Metropolitan Police, HMRC (Revenue and Customs) and the Home Office (Visas and Immigration). Senior members of the Ugandan police force and judiciary were also present, as well as a broad range of guests from across government and civil society. The event helped deepen co-operation between the UK and Uganda’s security and justice sector on a broad range of issues including drug trafficking, child protection, car crime, illegal migration and financial crime.

Alison Blackburne and George Kiryabwire
HE Alison Blackburne speaks to Hon Justice George Kiryabwire

High Commissioner HE Alison Blackburne noted that the values of the rule of law, which underlie law enforcement co-operation between the UK and Uganda, were rooted in Magna Carta, which is 800 years old this year.

In June 2015, officers from the UK’s, National Crime Agency (NCA) and National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NCVIS), working with the Uganda Police Force, carried out a number of searches at bonded warehouses across Kampala. Together they discovered a total of 36 high value cars stolen from the UK with a value in excess of £1 million. Thanks to the co-operation of the Ugandan Police Force, a UK expert vehicle examiner was able to identify the vehicles as stolen and arrange for their repatriation to the UK.

Published 12 August 2015