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Tracking well-being with technology: apply for business funding

Businesses can win up to £35,000 for innovative projects that look into improving well-being through self-tracking, monitoring and sensing.

a picture of a computer tablet with food and a person's hands

Innovate UK’s IC tomorrow programme is looking to award up to £35,000 each to 5 businesses that come up with innovative digital ideas relevant to the quantified self movement and improvements in well-being.

Businesses will have the opportunity to work alongside partners including the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Toshiba, AXA PPP Healthcare, Saga and Bupa.


The quantified self is the acquisition of self-knowledge through self-tracking with technology. This competition seeks projects across the theme challenges of nutrition, older people, younger people, mental health and data capture:

  • nutrition: to empower children, adults and families to eat healthily - in partnership with Jamie Oliver
  • younger people: to get teenagers to take ownership of their own data for self-improvement - with Toshiba
  • older people: to use self-tracking or sensing technology - by Saga
  • mental health: to use self-monitoring to improve mental well-being in the workplace - with AXA PPP Healthcare
  • data: to find innovative ways of recording data for well-being applications - with Bupa

Competition information

  • this competition is open and the deadline for applications is noon on 27 October 2015
  • the competition is open to businesses in the UK or EU
  • up to £35,000 is available to develop the successful project under each challenge
  • businesses have the opportunity to trial their ideas with industry partners while keeping their intellectual property
  • briefing events will be held in London on September 21 2015 and in Cambridge on September 22 2015
Published 15 September 2015