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Total Eclipse of the Moon on 27 July 2018

Part of the total phase of the lunar eclipse will be visible from the United Kingdom as the Moon rises

Near Greatest Eclipse 21 December 2010

A total eclipse of the Moon will occur on Friday 27 July 2018. This lunar eclipse exhibits the longest duration of totality at 103.6 minutes in the 21st century. It will be visible in its entirety from the Indian Ocean region, westernmost China, India, the Middle East, central Asia, Turkey and the eastern half of Africa. Most of Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, most of China, western Africa and most of Europe will see the total phase of the eclipse.

Some of the total phase of the eclipse is visible from the UK as the Moon rises during the umbral (the Moon’s dark inner shadow) part of the eclipse. The Moon will rise in a totally-eclipsed state and we will see about three quarters of the total phase of the eclipse.

The Moon will rise at different times across the United Kingdom. For example, the Moon rises at 20:42 BST in Dover and at 21:43 BST in Portree on the Isle of Skye. This should help identify the approximate times of Moon rise in the UK for Friday 27 July 2018. Also, specific moon rise times for your location can be calculated using our dynamical astronomical data service, Websurf 2.0 or using our beta Android app, Sky High.

Further details of the eclipse can be found on HMNAO’s Eclipses Online web pages

Published 26 July 2018