Press release

Time ticks for Norfolk coastal comments

People on the coast between Hunstanton Cliffs and Wolferton Creek have just a week left to share their views on its future management.


Wash East consultation soon closes

A plan by the Environment Agency and Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk has recommended several options and they are keen to hear what people think by Monday (8 Sept).

The Wash East Coastal Management Strategy identifies a range of options from ‘doing nothing’ to improving the standard of protection to a 1 in 75 chance of flooding in any one year along the frontage.

The strategy recommends an ‘adaptable’ approach to the future management of this coastline to not preclude any future opportunities for improving the standard of protection - dependent on available funding.

Three public drop-in events at the start of the formal consultation process, which began on 28 July 2014, were well attended and formal feedback was given.

Most suitable

Julie Foley, Area Manager for the Environment Agency said: “The strategy sets out to identify the most suitable way of managing flood and coastal erosion risk to local communities, whilst protecting internationally important natural and historic environments along this stretch of the Norfolk Coast.

“Defences were severely tested during the December tidal surge. We must plan now for the future protection of this coastline from the effects of flooding and coastal erosion in a changing climate.”

Cllr Brian Long, Cabinet Member for Environment at the Borough Council said: “It is vital that people take the opportunity to respond to this consultation. We have worked hard to make sure we have captured local knowledge in developing this strategy and it is important that we get feedback on the actions contained within.”

The consultation document is the culmination of over 4 years work throughout which the strategy team has involved representatives from the local communities and businesses to make sure that local knowledge and experience was captured.

How to

It can be accessed online at Alternatively, hard copies of the consultation are available at Environment Agency Offices in Wisbech Road, King’s Lynn or Bromholme Lane, Brampton near Huntingdon and at the Borough Council offices in Chapel Street, King’s Lynn and Valentine Road, Hunstanton.

Feedback gathered throughout this consultation will be used to influence ongoing funding discussions with potential contributors and to gauge community support for the Strategy recommendations.

The Borough Council and Norfolk County Council support the Wash East Coastal Management Strategy and are jointly committed to developing a partnership funded approach to the future management of the coastline to protect people, property and the natural environment.

Published 29 August 2014