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The Unseen: innovator's clothing for sale in Selfridge's

A fashion collection featuring new materials technology and designed by an Innovate UK-supported business is in Selfridge's shop window.

The Unseen

The Unseen designs clothing with new materials that can reflect their environment.

The Unseen blends biological and chemical matter into materials that are designed to ‘enhance the unseen’.

The clothing in the Selfridge’s collection is able to change colour to reflect changes in aerodynamics, moisture and ultra-violet light.

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Predictions - Future Fashion & Wearable Technology

Funding from Innovate UK allowed The Unseen to test out its science and design in the real world.

Materials alchemist Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, said:

Innovate UK really helped to set up The Unseen. When I applied for the award, it was the first one I had seen for fashion technology.

Fashion technology is a growing area. In the future, clothes could clean themselves or even make us appear invisible.

Published 10 November 2015