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The Strategic Escort Group: 61,000 miles in 4 years

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary's Strategic Escort Group have helped safely transit nuclear material over 61,000 miles in the last 4 years.

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The Strategic Escort Group is a specialist team that provides on-board armed protection for high security nuclear cargo during transportation overseas.

Protecting nuclear material during marine, rail and road transports is vital in safeguarding the public and is a key part of the CNC’s mission to:

Ensure the safe and secure movement of nuclear material within the UK and internationally.

During the last 4 years, SEG officers have helped to safely transit civil nuclear material over 61,000 miles. This involved 7 operations across 8 countries and saw SEG officers being at sea for 12 months.

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These officers are highly trained and skilled in the use of many weapons systems as well as working at sea in international waters, which is unique to British policing.

SEG officers operate within a mature legal framework, the governance for which is provided by the Civil Nuclear Police Authority and regulation by the Office for Nuclear Regulation. All planning and training is in accordance with the required protective standards, including those from the Office for Nuclear Regulation, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Ministry of Defence and the College of Policing.

SEG is made up of officers from CNC operational policing units throughout the UK who perform regular unit policing duties when not engaged in any training or operations.

For more information on the CNC, watch the video below:

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Published 14 July 2014