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The Queen's Birthday was celebrated in Buenos Aires

The British Embassy in Buenos Aires celebrated Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday on 27 April at the British Ambassador’s Residence.

Ambassador Mark Kent

Ambassador Mark Kent

More than 800 guests attended the reception, including high-ranking national and provincial government officials, legislators from different political parties, businessmen, diplomats, academics, artists, sportsmen, journalists, and members of the civil society.

British Ambassador Mark Kent gave a speech in which he highlighted that “the presence of so many leading figures from Argentina’s political, economic, social and cultural life reflects the enormous progress achieved in bilateral relations in recent times”.

At the end of the speech, he offered a toast to the President and the people of the Argentine Republic, and to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A band of the Argentine Air Force played the Argentine and the British national anthems, and then offered a brief performance in the Residence’s gardens.

The event was supported by UK companies, all of which had plenty of opportunity to display their products and services and offer various examples of British excellence.

The Queen celebrates her birthday twice a year: on the anniversary of the day she was born, 21 April, and then on the third Saturday in June which is the date of the official celebration, marked by the ceremony of “Trooping the Colour.”

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Published 30 April 2018