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The official website of the GLD/Bona Vacantia Division

Information regarding websites appearing to be, or connected to, the official website of the GLD/Bona Vacantia Division

There are a number of other websites and Twitter Feeds which, by use of such terms as bona vacantia, unclaimed estates or Heir Hunters, may lead people to wrongly believe that by accessing such sites they are using or contacting GLD/BVD whereas they are, in fact contacting private “heir hunter” firms.

The only list published by BVD of unclaimed estates is the BVD unclaimed estates list

Copies of the list held on other sources or provided by third parties other than the Treasury Solicitor cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date. The Treasury Solicitor does not accept any responsibility for any loss whatsoever which might result from reliance thereon.

Further information about how to make a claim direct to BVD for estates on the unclaimed list can be found in our guidelines Make a claim to a deceased person’s estate

Published 5 August 2015