Press release

The Government Actuary is reappointed in post

Principal actuarial adviser stays for 5 more years.

Martin Clarke

The Government Actuary, Martin Clarke will continue in his role for a further 5-year term. He was originally appointed in 2014, and the Prime Minister has now approved his reappointment.

As the Government Actuary, Martin Clarke is the principal actuarial adviser to the government. He leads the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) and is its Accounting Officer.

Speaking about his reappointment, Mr. Clarke said: “I’m really pleased this means I can continue to lead and work with the teams in GAD for the next 5 years. As the department marks its centenary this year, I believe this sense of continuity is just as important as we continue to work on complex and long-term issues for our clients.”

GAD supports effective decision-making and robust reporting within government as the first-choice provider of actuarial and specialist analysis, advice and assurance.

Published 31 May 2019