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Tackling charity fraud: new resources

The Fraud Advisory Panel has produced new resources to help you prevent, detect and respond to charity fraud.

Tackling charity fraud

All trustees and managers should have the knowledge and skills to recognise the signs of fraud and then shape an effective and proportionate response.

Tackling charity fraud: prevention is better than cure report summarises the main lessons and messages from the national charity fraud conference and charity fraud awareness week. It provides pointers to additional expert sources of information, support and best practice.

The Fraud Advisory Panel, supported by the Charity Commission and audit partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill, have also developed a range of new resources to help you tackle fraud.

Building a fraud-resilient charity is a job for everyone, everywhere, and at every level. You can find out more about how you can protect your charity from fraud on GOV.UK

Published 22 March 2018