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Surveillance Camera Commissioner launched national surveillance camera strategy consultation

Today the Surveillance Camera Commissioner launched a consultation on a draft national surveillance camera strategy for England and Wales.


This strategy aims to provide direction and leadership in the surveillance camera community to enable system operators to understand best practice and their legal obligations (such as those contained within the Data Protection Act and the Private Security Industry Act). It also aims to enable the surveillance camera community to demonstrate compliance with the principles of the surveillance camera code of practice and other guidance.

The commissioner’s strategic vision is to assure the public that surveillance cameras in public places are there to keep and make them feel safe, and that those cameras are deployed and used responsibly, as well as transparently, in a manner which is proportionate to their legitimate purpose.

The strategy has been divided into 10 key work strands each led by sector expert. Objectives have been developed for each strand with a supporting delivery plan setting out specific actions and outputs, which contribute towards achieving the strategic mission. Delivery plans will be completed and published in 2017.

The commissioner is consulting on the draft strategy for 6 weeks and people can respond to the consultation via the SCC website.

Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter said:

This draft strategy has been 10 months in development – I’ve been working with a group of industry experts to get it into shape and now we are ready to consult on it. I welcome views from anyone whether they are an expert in the industry or a member of the public – the strategy is designed to benefit them – so their input will be invaluable to making sure it meets their needs when we begin work on delivering its objectives in 2017.

Published 25 October 2016