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Strategic Escort Group travel nearly 30,000 miles!

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary’s Strategic Escort Group (SEG) have helped safely transport nuclear material nearly 30,000 miles in 2016.

CNC SEG officers at sea

The Strategic Escort Group is a specialist team who provide armed protection for high security nuclear cargo during transportation in the UK or internationally. During 2016 the team took part in eight operations across five countries and saw CNC SEG officers being at sea for several months at a time, travelling a total of 29,300 miles.

CNC SEG officers are highly trained and skilled in the use of many weapons systems. They have the unique role of working at sea in international waters, something which no other police officer in the UK gets the opportunity to do.

As well as moves within the UK, two international moves of material have taken place, including escorting the largest ever shipment of Category 1 material.

Supt Tim Needham, Head of the Strategic Escort Group, said: “This has been an incredibly busy year for the SEG, with 2017 shaping up to be just as eventful. Being a SEG officer offers a unique opportunity with international travel across the globe, carrying out a vitally important role in nuclear security.”

During a nuclear material escort
Published 13 January 2017