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SME innovation awards celebrate success

22 companies have been shortlisted for Innovate UK’s first SME innovation awards.

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Watch out for the winners on 13 October!

The awards aim to recognise examples of innovation excellence among the projects funded by Innovate UK. The awards celebrate projects and companies that demonstrate the impact of innovation on business growth and driving the economy, and can inspire others.

There are 5 categories:

  • innovation leading to business transformation

  • innovation leading to new markets

  • innovation leading to productivity improvement

  • innovation attracting investment

  • the inspirational innovation award

The companies shortlisted are:

Innovation leading to business transformation

Cell Medica, Cybula, iGeolise, Oxis Energy and Fibre Extrusion Technology

Innovation leading to new markets

Ashwoods Automotive, ASV, Cobalt Light Systems, Fuel3D, Quadralene and Sky Medical

Innovation leading to productivity improvement

Endomagnetics, NquiringMinds, Rotite Technologies, V-Connect and Zoo Digital

Innovation attracting investment

Atlas Genetics, Discuva, Magnomatics, Snap Fashion and Tokamak Energy

The inspirational innovation award

Ashwoods Automotive, Endomagnetics, iGeolise, Oxis Energy, Polyphotonix, Sky Medical and Snap Fashion

The winners will be announced at a showcase event at the House of Commons on 13 October.

Published 7 October 2015