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SLC Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

SLC issues updated guidance for applicants, current students and those repaying their student loans in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

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SLC is continuing to support students, universities and colleges and we will be providing further relevant updates here.

Will I still get my next student finance payment?

SLC can confirm that students will receive their scheduled or next instalment of their maintenance loan at the planned start of their summer term, regardless of whether their university or provider has made alternative arrangements for teaching.

Can I still apply for student finance?

If you’re studying at the moment or you’ll be starting a full-time, undergraduate course after 1 August 2020, you can apply online for student finance as normal.

Postgraduate and part-time, undergraduate student finance applications for academic year 2020 to 2021 are scheduled to launch in June. If this changes, we’ll let you know through our social media channels.

Will you still take student loan repayments if I can’t work due to Coronavirus?

It’s important to remember that you’ll only make repayments to your student loan once you’re earning over the repayment threshold for your repayment plan type. This means that if you stop working, or your income drops below the threshold, your repayments will stop too.

Find out about the repayment thresholds for Plan 1, Plan 2 and Postgraduate Loans.

Published 20 March 2020