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Six cities to host centres of excellence in precision medicine

The Precision Medicine Catapult is to establish regional centres of excellence in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford.

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New centres of excellence will help to build a UK precision medicine industry

Six regional hubs across the UK will act as local centres for precision medicine and help to develop innovative technologies for healthcare.

The hubs in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford will be part of the Cambridge-based Precision Medicine Catapult technology and innovation centre.

Precision medicine is the use of diagnostic tests and data-based insights to understand a patient’s disease more precisely and to select treatments with more predictable, safer and cost-effective outcomes.

The Catapult has been set up to build on the UK’s expertise in the field of precision medicine and to help UK businesses to develop world-leading products and services.

Introduction to the Catapults

It is one of 10 Catapults set up and funded by Innovate UK as part of the UK government’s plan for a series of technology and innovation centres to transform the UK’s capability for innovation and help drive future economic growth.

John McKinley, chief executive of the Precision Medicine Catapult, said:

We’re delighted to announce the location of these centres of excellence, each with access to a unique blend of regional expertise.

Project development work has been ongoing across the UK, and we will be launching offices and related programmes over the coming months. As well as growing the UK’s strong position in precision medicine, we believe our network will deliver health and economic impact at a local and national level.

Building a precision medicine industry

Each centre will have a local expert team that will work with government, academia, health systems and businesses to resolve challenges in building a UK precision medicine industry.

Ruth McKernan, chief executive of Innovate UK, said:

It is important that we draw on the UK’s research and clinical expertise in precision medicine from across the country. Understanding which types of patients will benefit most from treatments requires effective use of diagnostic testing and data-based insights.

The Precision Medicine Catapult’s reach to patients for clinical trials purposes will be enhanced through the national network of centres of excellence.

There are 10 Catapult centres in the UK focused on precision medicine, cell therapy, digital, energy systems, future cities, high value manufacturing, medicines technologies, offshore renewable energy, satellite applications and transport systems.

Published 26 October 2015