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Sentence increase for violent rapist who hid in victim’s bed

Leo Irwin has had his sentence increased to 10 years by the Court of Appeal

Royal Courts of Justice

A man who violently raped a woman in her own home has had his sentence increased after an intervention by the Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC MP.

Leo Irwin, 27, climbed through an unlocked window while she was out with a friend and waited in her bedroom. When she returned, Irwin took her to the floor by the throat and banged her head on the floor until she lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, he punched her in the face, covered her mouth with his hand and then a pillow, and raped her.

Irwin was originally sentenced to 8 years imprisonment at Newcastle Crown Court. His sentence has been increased to 10 years by the Court of Appeal.

Speaking after the hearing, the Solicitor General said:

“This attack had an overwhelming effect on the victim aggravated by the fact that it took place in her home, somewhere she should have felt safe. I’m glad the higher sentence reflects this.”

Published 2 May 2019