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RTI Twitter Q&A

HMRC held an interactive advice session on Twitter to answer your questions about RTI.

HMRC officials at RTI twitter Q&A
HMRC officials at the RTI twitter Q&A

The Q&A ran between 2.30pm – 3.30pm on Tuesday 30 April.

Questions were submitted on twitter using the hashtag #RTIqa. Our officials responded to as many questions as possible from HMRC’s twitter account @HMRCgovuk. A transcript of the questions and answers is available below.

More information about RTI can be found at

Twitter Q&A transcript

HMRCgovuk: This is Kam from HMRC press office, I’ll be hosting today’s live twitter Q&A session on Real Time Information (RTI) #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: Before we start, it’s worth repeating that we can’t discuss the tax affairs of individual taxpayers over Twitter #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: We strongly recommend you don’t give out your personal finance details over Twitter. See our Twitter policy #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: We have Helen of our RTI team here who is an expert on the subject. I’ll pose the Qs and they’ll attempt some answers #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: Here we are at the live Q&A #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: Tweets from Helen will have ^H at the end, tweets from me will have ^K #RTIqa

Question 1

PSScaffolding: @HMRCgovuk Having problem using Basictools RTI on windows 7 64 bit. Brand new Dell 17R SE laptop. Works fine on 8 year old PC. Help. #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@psscaffolding For help understanding BPT error messages go to (1/2) ^H #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@psscaffolding If getting “Initialising submission” message. We’re working on it. Updates here (2/2) ^H #RTIqa

Question 2

fleetalexc: @HMRCgovuk For an LLP that accounts for themselves via tax returns pls can you confirm that they do not submit an FPS for each payrun #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@fleetalexc RTI isn’t changing how PAYE operates, only the way it’s reported. Would you have deducted tax/NICs under PAYE before? ^H #RTIqa

Question 3

gareth_gthomas: #RTIqa submitted p35 for client REJ as should be RTI for 2012/13 submitted rti for march 2013 also REJ ??

HMRCgovuk1h: .@gareth_gthomas The submission could be rejected for a number of reasons, you will need to call the employer helpline ^H #RTIqa

Question 4

DebsEllul: @HMRCgovuk Are we able to submit a FPS on a weekend or bank holiday? #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@debsellul Yes you can make RTI submissions 24 hours a day 7 days a week ^H #RTIqa

Question 5

martinyardley: @HMRCgovuk How does RTI work where employees under 16 with no NINO. Cant find any info on your website

HMRCgovuk: .@martinyardley Find more information about under 16’s with no NINO here ^H #RTIqa

Question 6

AccountingWEBuk: @hmrcgovuk #RTIqa Can you tell us if/when/how one-man ltd companies will be to switch to annual schemes?

HMRCgovuk: .@AccountingWEBuk When we have an update, we will post it here ^H #RTIqa

Question 7

AW_Brian: @hmrcgovuk are there any plans to help those with little or no broadband connection - what should they do now?? #rtiqa

HMRCgovuk: .@aw_brian Most payroll software packages work using dialup, as does BPT ^H #RTIqa

Question 8

p_e_e_b_o: @HMRCgovuk » When can we expect to start seeing RTI messages being sent and received via the Government Gateway/IR secure mailbox? #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@p_e_e_b_o We are still carefully monitoring submissions at the moment ^H #RTIqa

Question 9

cath_walker: @HMRCgovuk Why should we have to waste time submitting EPSs for schemes that need to register as annual schemes when the problem is yours?

HMRCgovuk: .@cath_walker One EPS can cover up to six months. ^H #RTIqa

Question 10

AccountingWEBuk: @HMRCgovuk Can you clarify the penalty situation for the RTI pilot scheme, our members are still concerned #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@accountingwebuk You can find information about how penalties apply to 12-13 here ^H #RTIqa

Question 11

IntuitUK: @HMRCgovuk some of our customers have been asking about the easements for small firms. Can you clarify who these apply to? #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@intuituk The relaxation applies to employers with less than 50 employees (1/2) ^H #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@intuituk …who currently run their payroll monthly, but pay their employees more frequently ^H #RTIqa

Question 12

haideewatson: Why are @HMRCgovuk closing PAYE schemes when they are still required. Just because no paye is being paid doesn’t mean they are not required

HMRCgovuk: .@haideewatson We want the register to be as acurate as possible, but if you need to reopen the scheme call the help line ^H #RTIqa

Question 13

eMartinTopping: @HMRCgovuk your error page omits ‘Internal Error’ after submission following upgrade from old BPT due to new mandatory fields. #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@emartintopping If the error message is not shown in this page please call our Online Services Helpdesk ^H #RTIqa

Question 14

p_e_e_b_o: @HMRCgovuk » Why are NVRs being rejected whenever multiple FPS have already been submitted? Is their a backlog in processing FPS’s? #RTIqa

HMRCgovuk: .@p_e_e_b_o You should wait 2 weeks. We’re carefully monitoring submissions. Your FPS may be in the queue ^H #RTIqa

Question 15

PMEvie: @HMRCgovuk small firm, me and wife, a few hundred each a month pay. Any exemption from rti likely in future

HMRCgovuk: .@pmevie The rules about when to register for PAYE haven’t changed. No need to register if all employees are below LEL…

Question 16

AW_Brian: @hmrcgovuk quiet a few payrolls have pay dates in the wrong tax period - how will this affect #RTI -any guidelines how to fix it yet? #rtiqa

HMRCgovuk: .@aw_brian For guidance for if your payroll is misaligned, see here ^H #RTIqa

Published 29 April 2013
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