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Restructuring of dissolved company guidelines

How the Bona Vacantia division has improved the dissolved company guidelines

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As part of the move to GOV.UK, we have reduced the number of companies guidance notes, renumbered them and have made them easier to follow.

You’ll find a list of the revised guidance in our Bona vacantia dissolved companies BVC1 document.

It’s really important before you contact us about a case involving a dissolved company to check that the Treasury Solicitor is the right organisation to deal with your case as there are other organisations that also deal with bona vacantia. The Bona vacantia dissolved companies BVC1 guidelines will help you establish whether we are the right organisation and you should always read this as well as the more detailed guidance relevant to the asset you want to refer or buy to make sure we are the right people to help.

Published 10 December 2013