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Reports of non-native salmon in North East waters

Anglers are being asked to report any sightings or catches of Pink Salmon.

Non-native Pink Salmon
Non-native Pink Salmon

The Environment Agency is urging anglers to get in touch with information after reports a non-native salmon species was spotted in the North East.

Officers received information that unusual fish had been caught – one by an angler on the River Tyne near Wylam and another two by licensed netsmen the coast of South Shields.

After examination, it’s believed the fish are Pink Salmon – Oncorhynchus gorbuscha – a native of the North Pacific basin and its surrounding rivers.

Environment Agency officers are investigating and are asking anglers to report any unusual salmon catches or sightings to them.

The Environment Agency’s Richard Jenkins said:

This is quite an unusual find in our waters and we’re keen anglers know we’re aware of the sightings and we’re investigating.

I’d urge them to contact us if they see any non-native salmon in the waters, with a date, location and if possible a photograph, which would really help us identify them and build up a picture of where they are.

At this stage we don’t think there’s likely to be a major impact on wild fish stocks.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the environmental monitoring team at Northumberland, Durham and Tees via 0800 807060.

Published 7 August 2015