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Replacement signals at Bascule Bridge

Traffic signals at Lowestoft Bascule Bridge are being renewed, improving journey times for drivers.

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Replacement signals at Bascule Bridge

Highways England are replacing the traffic signals as the current ones have expired. The replacement signals will improve the system reliability and prevent unnecessary congestion.

The work will be carried out over the weekend on Friday 10 July until Sunday 12 July. The bridge will be closed Friday and Saturday night from 7.30pm until 6am. During the day on Saturday and Sunday the centre lane will be closed from 6.30am until 7.30pm. However, the timings of the daily lane direction changeover and bridge lifts will not change.

Highways England project manager, Neil Doherty, said:

We’d like to thank drivers in advance for their patience while we work to get the new traffic signals up and running and to warn them of some local disruption over the weekend when the work is taking place.

The most important difference with the renewed system is that the two gantry signals for traffic approaching the bridge will now show a red X together with red flashing lanterns to stop traffic when the bridge is raised.

The meaning of the red X is the same as anywhere else on the road network in that you must not pass under a signal showing a red X. It is also an offence to do so.

The ‘tidal flow’ traffic control system allows best use of the lanes available to traffic by safely changing the traffic flow direction in the centre lane across the bridge during peak periods to accommodate the dominant flow of traffic to and from Lowestoft.

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Published 3 July 2015