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Red Arrows in Hyderabad to celebrate UK-India close links

The Royal Air Force aerobatic team, Red Arrows have met their Indian counterparts during a visit to Hyderabad, as part of a global tour.

RAF team
The Royal Air Force aerobatic team, the Red Arrows at reception in Hyderabad.

Members of the world-renowned display team are spending several days in Hyderabad, with a number of engagements and events planned – including a display at Air Force Academy in Hyderabad on Thursday, 17 November.

There was also opportunity for the Red Arrows to meet their Indian display team counterparts – the Suryakiran.

Pilots from the Indian team flew in the back seats of the Red Arrows’ aircraft during a practice display at the Air Force Academy today.

It was a chance for the officers to exchange experiences of flying, with both teams operating the Hawk jet.

The activities in Hyderabad celebrate the close links between the UK and India, especially across defence, aerospace and engineering.

British Deputy High Commissioner Hyderabad, Andrew McAllister said:

We are privileged to welcome ‘the Red Arrows’ who have thrilled, inspired and delighted audiences the world over, with over 4700 displays in their 52 years. The Suryakirans and the Red Arrows both fly the Hawk aircraft, showcasing how the best of British engineering is also contributing to the Make in India initiative.

The practice display was also performed in front of 200 school children, who watched the 24-minute aerobatic show at the Air Force Academy.

India is the only country where the Red Arrows are performing a display in two different locations as part of the 60-day tour to the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

Squadron Leader David Montenegro, team leader of the Royal Air Force aerobatic team and Red 1, said:

The Red Arrows’ colourful, dynamic aerial display of precision, formation aerobatics are a vivid showcase of British engineering, teamwork and creativity.

I know these qualities and constant pursuit of excellence are shared with our colleagues and counterparts in the Indian Air Force.

Indeed, both the Suryakiran and the Red Arrows fly the Hawk aircraft, which is both a British and now Indian success story.

The Red Arrows are honoured to be in Hyderabad as part of our overseas tour and to have the opportunity to meet members of the Suryakiran, display to the invited audience and, once again, to support the important, close links between the UK and India across business, education and defence.

Last month, the Red Arrows performed an aerial salute to the Indian Air Force on Air Force Day at Hindon.

The team’s ground crews also toured schools and universities in New Delhi to talk about hi-tech education and training opportunities in the UK.

The occasion came shortly before the first ever India-UK TECH Summit, which highlighted excellence and collaboration between India and the UK in innovation and technology.

The Red Arrows’ twin visits to India form part of a major 60-day tour of the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions – the team’s biggest overseas exercise in a decade.

Further information

Officially known as the Royal Air Force (RAF) aerobatic team, the Red Arrows showcase the excellence of the RAF and represent the UK both at home and overseas. The team consists of nine display pilots and more than 100 support personnel and technicians. One of the world’s premier aerobatic teams, the Red Arrows had performed more than 4,700 displays by the start of 2016 – the team’s 52nd season. Flying Hawk T1 jets, the team is based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire. The team has performed in 57 countries since 1965.

For more information on the Red Arrows, please visit their website. Follow the Red Arrows on Twitter or view the team’s Facebook page.

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Published 16 November 2016