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Record levels of children in good and outstanding schools

Ofsted figures reveal record levels of children in the best schools.

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Record numbers of children now attend schools rated as good or outstanding, official Ofsted figures reveal today (29 June 2016), with over 1.4 million more children now attending the best schools than in 2010.

Eighty six percent of schools are now rated good or outstanding - up from 84% at the end of August 2015 - which is the highest level since records began and a clear signal that the government’s education reforms are continuing to bear fruit.

The figures reveal that:

  • since 2010, over 1.4 million more children now attend these schools - a significant indicator that schools have responded well to the government’s extensive reforms to curriculum, assessment, accountability and school structures
  • in this academic year alone, 100,000 more pupils are now benefiting from attending good or outstanding schools
  • around 350,000 children now study in sponsored academies rated good or outstanding - previously, many of these schools suffered from chronic underperformance, blighting the life chances of young people and preventing them from achieving their full potential
  • 80% of free schools are now rated good or outstanding - up from 78% last year.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said:

We are determined to spread educational excellence everywhere and today’s figures reveal that we have come a long way in doing just this. Since 2010, over 1.4 million more children attend the best schools in our country - a triumph for hard-working teachers and pupils everywhere.

We have introduced tough reforms to raise standards, improve the level of teaching in our classrooms and introduce real choice and accountability through academies and free schools. Today’s figures suggest our schools have responded well to the challenge and are providing our children with the best possible start in life.

But we are determined to go further and in our recent white paper we set out plans to tackle areas of underperformance to ensure no child is disadvantaged just because of where they live. Furthermore, we are ensuring that all schools have the resources they need through the introduction of a new national funding formula that, for the first time, will make sure funding is genuinely matched to need.

Since 2010, the government has embarked on an extensive programme of education reforms - including strengthening the national curriculum, reintroducing rigour into qualifications, introducing choice and accountability into the system through academies and free schools, and backing headteachers to get tough on behaviour and discipline.

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Published 29 June 2016