Press release

Record fish on the Tyne

New figures show a bumper year for fish in the north east.

Fishing is a great way to enjoy the environment

Fishing is a great way to enjoy the environment

Record numbers have passed over a Northumberland fish counter.

The fish counter on the River Tyne at Riding Mill recorded more than 10,000 fish moving upstream during July – 1,200 more than previous top numbers.

And the counter has also recorded the highest numbers this year since it was installed in 1996 – the most fish returning in almost 20 years.

Almost all fish counted last month will be sea trout and salmon.

The fish counter – in conjunction with video cameras further upstream – means the Environment Agency can estimate the numbers of salmon and sea trout returning to the Tyne each year.

The Environment Agency’s Morton Heddell-Cowie, of the Environmental Monitoring Team, said:

The River Tyne’s fish count in July has surpassed all previous totals for this month, with a mixture of salmon and sea trout being seen.

This is good news as it indicates healthy stocks and a healthy river. Hopefully this will continue and we’ll have another good year for both fish and anglers.

We’d like to remind anglers to send in a few scales from the fish they catch and to participate in our Angler Logbook Scheme – which will help us monitor the ages of salmon and sea trout returning to the river and how the river is fishing.

For further details or information contact the Environmental Monitoring Team on 0191 203 4140.

The Environment Agency is encouraging people to go fishing and buy a rod licence on-line.

Published 11 August 2015