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Pubs Code Adjudicator releases new figures on arbitration awards

Latest figures show that the Pubs Code Adjudicator has made 25 awards


Paul Newby, the Pubs Code Adjudicator, has today announced the latest figures on completed arbitration cases.

The total number of cases in which the Adjudicator has made awards has now reached 25, including the five first cases announced on 9 March 2017.

Mr Newby said: “We are making good progress in moving cases through the arbitration process and this rising figure of awards shows that our systems and resources are robust and working.

“We currently have 97 cases at different stages within the arbitration process. The timetable for resolving cases is largely in the hands of the parties to the dispute but my team and I are making all efforts to ensure the process moves forward as quickly as possible. This includes issuing prompts and reminders for information or actions whenever there are delays.

“I continue to encourage tenants and pub-owning businesses to sit down together and negotiate purposefully. As a result, in a number of cases this is achieving the desired result of a narrowing of the issues, a stronger negotiating position for tenants and swifter settlements.

“Arbitration awards remain private unless all parties to the dispute agree to release details. However, I am committed to identifying general principles where I can do so without breaching confidentiality and will share these with tenants and pub-owning businesses to help guide their future relationships.

“The PCA enquiry line remains open for tenants and others who want help understanding the Code and there is a wealth of information on the PCA website, including flowcharts and templates to guide tenants and their representatives through the processes. I urge them to read and understand this information.”

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Published 21 April 2017