Press release

Property level flood protection introduced to homes

The Environment Agency has installed flood risk reduction measures to Aylesford houses.


The Environment Agency, in partnership with Kent County Council (KCC), has provided at no cost to the property owners and tenants, flood protection measures that will restrict ingress of floodwater into over 50 homes at risk of flooding from the Aylesford Stream.

The Aylesford community has a long and frequent flood history. The scheme to reduce flood risk from fluvial flooding and surface water flooding has been funded in partnership by the Environment Agency and Kent County Council at a total cost of over £250,000. Property-level protection measures will provide the most effective form of flood defence to the properties within flood zone 3. These measures include self-sealing doors, air brick covers and non-return valves to drains. Whilst the Environment Agency installed the measures, they are now the property owner’s responsibility.

The Environment Agency has worked closely with the community during the project, giving the residents and business owners options in terms of appearance and design of measures and ensuring the protection fits in with the character of the residential roads.

Simon Curd, Flood Risk Team Leader said:

We have been heavily engaged with the Aylesford community since 2009 and have had public meetings to explain this property level protection scheme. Residents and businesses have been very willing to participate in the scheme which has assisted the speedy implementation of measures.

For more information, email or call 03708 506 506.

Published 29 December 2015