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Presentation slides from the Accelerator Enduring Challenge launch event

A launch event for the Enduring Challenge was held for science and technology providers on 26 January 2017.

Harriet Baldwin MP gives key note speech at Enduring Challenge Competition

At the event in London, Harriett Baldwin MP, Minister for Defence Procurement, launched the Innovation Initiative’s £6 million Accelerator Enduring Challenge, in her keynote speech.

The Enduring Challenge is run by the MOD’s new Defence and Security Accelerator and will fast-track the best ideas by funding their development, matching suppliers with expert Innovation Partners, and boosting supplier access to defence. The competition will run regularly, with up to 12 rounds a year.

Enduring challenge overview

In the opening session, the Accelerator’s Rob Solly introduced the Accelerator and gave an overview of the Enduring Challenge and how it differs from the previously-run Centre for Defence Enterprise enduring competition.

This was followed by the Accelerator’s Jim Pennycook, who explained the transition to the Accelerator and gave an overview of proof-of-concept research funding opportunities for innovative science and technology providers.

Further detail was then provided by the Accelerator’s Bruce Hardie, who explained the specifics of the challenge, how the competitions would work and the practicalities of submitting a proposal.

Defence and Security perspectives

In the second session, military advisers and technical experts from the security services, air, land and sea sectors gave their perspective of how the Enduring Challenge will meet the defence and security challenges.

Published 30 January 2017