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Presentation slides from Innovation Network event: 1 December 2016

A networking event was recently held for science and technology providers on synthetic biology and going beyond battery power.


At the event in London, details were provided on two Defence and Security Accelerator competitions (previously announced under the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) before it transitioned to the Accelerator).

The competitions are Beyond Battery Power and Synthetic Biology for Transparent Materials.

The Accelerator’s Jim Pennycook introduced CDE, explained the transition to the Accelerator and gave an overview of proof-of-concept research funding opportunities for innovative science and technology providers.

Beyond battery power

The beyond battery power competition was then introduced, with details provided on future challenges.

Further detail was then provided about the specifics of the challenge, before an overview was given on how the competition will work.

Synthetic biology for transparent materials

The synthetic biology for transparent materials competition was introduced, including details about the challenge. Specific information was also provided.

Published 12 December 2016