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Planned roadworks in the East of England: weekly summary for Monday 28 October - Sunday 2 November 2014

The following information summarises the work being carried out this coming week. It is correct as of the above date but could be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

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New work

A14 J31 – J29 westbound: Resurfacing

Work is taking place to resurface the A14 westbound between junctions 31 (Girton) and 29 Bar Hill. The work includes carriageway resurfacing and patching, the renewal of road markings and road studs. The majority of work will be carried out overnight, between 10pm and 6am. There will be overnight closures of the westbound carriageway from Tuesday 28 October to Monday 10 November. During the overnight closures clearly signed diversion routes will be in place: Traffic will use the A428 and A1. Access for residents will be retained at all times, with local residents who require access escorted past the road works by members of the site team.

A1 southbound Brampton Hut: Resurfacing

Works are taking place to resurface the A1 southbound at Brampton near Huntingdon. The works will include carriageway resurfacing and patching, the renewal of road markings and road studs. The works will start on 29 October and run for 4 nights, and will take place between 22:00 and 05:00. We will need to close the A1 southbound at Brampton Interchange, with traffic diverted along A14 eastbound, continuing to J32, which will be used to turn around and follow A14 westbound to the A428 back towards the A1 re-joining southbound at the Black Cat Roundabout.

A421 Brogborough, Bedfordshire: Roundabout resurfacing

Works will be carried out to resurface the roundabout at the M1 J13 exit slip road and replace road markings and road studs. The works will start on Monday 27 October and will end on Friday 31 October, and will be carried out between 22:00 and 05:00. The roundabout and the access slip roads will be closed to complete the works. Diversions will be: * M1 Southbound on slip closure – Follow M1 northbound to J14 and enter M1 southbound. * Bedford Road northbound closure – Follow A421 to Marston Moretaine and along Woburn Road. Follow diversion in reverse to access Bedford Road southbound. * M1 Southbound off slip closure – Follow M1 southbound to J12 and return via M1 northbound to J13 and follow appropriate diversion. * Salford Road southbound closure, follow A421 northbound to Marston Moretaine, return southbound on the A421 to J13, access M1 northbound to J14 and then return to M1 southbound.

M11 Junction 7 Harlow, Essex: Resurfacing

Works are being carried out to resurface the northbound entry slip road, northbound exit slip road and southbound entry slip road. The northbound entry slip road will be closed on Thursday 30 October 2014 for one night (8pm to 6am). Diverted traffic will be sent south on the M11 and then west on the M25 to J26 before returning eastbound and then northbound. The northbound exit slip road and southbound entry slip road will be closed on Friday 31 October 2014 for one night (8pm to 6am). Northbound traffic will be diverted north on the M25 to J8 before returning southbound to J7. The southbound traffic will also be diverted via J8.

Ongoing work

M1 J10-10A Luton spur, Bedfordshire: Widening

Luton Borough Council is carrying out carriageway re-alignment and construction of a grade separated junction on the approach to the airport between J10 and J10A of the M1. During the work, there will be lane closures between 9pm and 6am with narrow lanes remaining in place 24 hours a day in both directions and 30 and 50mph speed limits for safety reasons. Work will be carried out in phases with completion planned for June 2015. For further details, contact Luton Borough Council Highways on 01582 510330 or visit

A1, Black Cat roundabout, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire: Improvements

A scheme to ease congestion and improve journey time and safety (part of the Government’s £317m pinch point programme, which aims to boost local economies by reducing congestion and delays at key locations) has started. It involves a new road alignment to enlarge and widen the existing roundabout, new safety fencing, improved drainage, new surfacing on the roundabout and installation of lighting columns and traffic lights. The work will normally take place between 7.30am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, with the occasional night time lane closures. From Friday 31st October 9pm until 12 noon Sunday 2nd November the A1 southbound will be completely closed to carry out essential tie-in works from new to existing carriageway. The diversion will be via the Wyboston/A428 interchange and Barford Road rejoining the A1 at Tempsford. During the road closures only, traffic will only be able to travel along Barford Road southbound, and its weight restriction will be lifted temporarily. There will also be various single lane closures between 27nd and 31st October on both north and southbound A1 and A421. Subject to weather conditions, the work is scheduled to last for approximately six months.

This scheme aims to provide a link to the M1 that is an alternative to the movement along the A5 and A505 from the A5/A505 junction to the M1 Junction 11. It would reduce journey times and improve journey reliability for strategic traffic currently travelling through Dunstable. It also aims to reduce the number of vehicle and safety related incidents and will support local development plans, economic growth and employment and maximise the return on public investment. Advanced works started on site in May 2014. Continuation of these works will require some road closures, which will be publicised in advance. These works are important as they will help stay on target for the planned start of the main construction work in spring 2015. Houghton Road in Dunstable will be closed from its junction with Luton Road down to its junction with Sundon Road and Hillsborough Crescent, during the following dates and times: * 00:01 Saturday 18 October to reopen by 00:01 on Monday 20 September. There will be a clearly signed diversion. The planned completion date for the project is early 2017. For more information, visit the road project page .

A11 Fiveways to Thetford, Suffolk: Major upgrade

Work is taking place along the A11 between Fiveways roundabout (Barton Mills) and London Road (Thetford roundabout) to dual the last section of the road. The Elveden bypass between Chalk Hall Farm (south of Elveden) to London Rd roundabout at Thetford is now open to traffic and two-way traffic is also running on some new sections of carriageway. During the works, there will be a temporary speed restriction of 40mph throughout the scheme as well as some overnight closures and temporary traffic management as follows: * Two way temporary traffic signals are in use as follows: * Two-way portable traffic signals will be in operation on the B1106, Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm daily, when required. * Overnight on the A11, when required. When in use, these will be in operation between 7pm and 6am. * The A11 will be closed overnight 9pm – 6am between Fiveways roundabout and Thetford roundabout on Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th October 2014. The diversion route will utilise the A1065 and the B1107 at Brandon. * Please note the A1101 Southbound is also closed overnight 9pm-6am on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th October 2014. Access to Mildenhall from Fiveways roundabout will still be possible. The southbound diversion will utilise Thetford Road and A1065 to re-join Fiveways roundabout. Please do note that these nights coincide with the full A11 closure, so drivers travelling towards Thetford and beyond will need to pick up the diversion above at the end of Thetford Road. * Work to re-configure the Elveden cross-roads (B1106 & old A11 junction) will continue this week. * The new B1112 underpass under the A11 is now open to traffic. Please note the 40mph speed restriction has been lifted and national speed limit now applies. * The C616 is closed at its junction with the A11. Access will be maintained via the A1065, Brandon Road. The planned completion date is December 2014. For further details of this scheme, visit the road project page.

A14 Brampton to Ellington, Cambridgeshire: Ditch clearance

Work to clear the ditch of vegetation and silt on the A14 between Brampton Hut and Ellington village started on 20 October for approximately eight weeks. The work is carried out under lane closures at night time only (mainly on the westbound carriageway but there will be some eastbound work) between 8pm and 5am, when traffic flows are lower.

A14 Girton to Histon (junctions 31 to 32): Lane gain scheme

On 14 April 2014 work started to improve slip roads onto the M11 and A14 and to add an additional lane on the A14 in each direction between Girton and Histon. This is part of the Government’s Pinch point Programme. The work is scheduled to take place mainly during the day, with existing lanes narrowed and a 50mph speed limit imposed. On Monday 27th October the slip road from the A14 Westbound to the M11 will be closed between 21.00hrs to 06.00hrs. From Tuesday 28th October until Tuesday 11th November the A14 westbound link at junction 31 & access to the A14 east at junction 31 for vehicles travelling from the M11 south will be closed between 21:00hrs and 06:00hrs. There will be also be periodic lane closures on other nights, however two lanes will be maintained in each direction during the day to support peak time traffic flows. For more information, visit the road project page

A14, J37-36, Newmarket, Cambs: Resurfacing

The A14 westbound between junctions 37 and 36 at Newmarket will be closed overnight from Monday 22 September for up to four weeks to repair the carriageway, resurface and replace the white lining on a 4km stretch of the A14. The closures will be from 10pm until 6am. There will be a clearly signed diversion route, westbound traffic will be diverted on the A1304 and A1303 re-joining the carriageway at junction 35 and southbound will be on the A1304 to the A11.

A47 Postwick, Norfolk: Postwick Hub junction upgrade

Norfolk County Council started work to upgrade the Postwick Hub junction over the A47 on 12 May 2014. For the duration of the work, there will be an eastbound lane 1 closure and a temporary 50mph speed limit on the A47. In addition, work will require some overnight closures on the A47 from time to time, which will be advertised in advance by the council. Work is due to be completed by winter 2015. For further details, contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020 or visit

A47 Hockering, Norfolk: Fence repairs

Work to repair a boundary fence at The Street (West) junction in Hockering on the A47 will take place between 24 and 30 October. The work is not expected to cause any disruption to traffic.

The Highways Agency is working with the industry and road users to reduce the risks of working on the roads. For the safety of road workers and all road users, when you are approaching roadworks:

  • Keep within the speed limit – it is there for your safety.
  • Get into the correct lane in good time – don’t keep switching.
  • Concentrate on the road ahead, not the roadworks.
  • Be alert for works’ traffic leaving or entering roadworks.
  • Keep a safe distance – there could be queues in front.
  • Observe all signs – they are there to help you.
Published 27 October 2014