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Planned roadworks in the East Midlands: Weekly summary for Monday 20 October to Sunday 26 October

The following summary of planned new and ongoing road improvements over the coming week is correct as of 17 October but could be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. All our improvement work is carried out with the aim of causing as little disruption as possible.

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M1 junction 16 to 19, Northamptonshire: Central reserve work

From 4 August to 3 June 2015 there will be carriageway, lane or hard shoulder closures in place on both carriageways. These will be from 8pm to 6am each night. As work progresses there will be narrow lanes in place 24/7.

M1 junction 19 at Catthorpe, Leicestershire: Major improvement works

Between now and autumn 2016 there will be various hard shoulder, lane or carriageway closures while the new junction is built. On Sunday 19 October, Tuesday 21 October and Thursday 23 October, the M1 will be closed southbound at junction 19 from 10pm until 6am for emergency carriageway repairs. Traffic will be diverted onto the M6 northbound to junction 1, then onto the M6 southbound, re-joining the M1 southbound via the free-flow link.

M1 junction 28 to 31 and 32 to 35a, Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire/Yorkshire: Smart Motorway

Until spring 2015 there will be various restrictions in place to allow for the construction of the Smart Motorway. These include lane closures, speed restrictions, hard shoulder running and overnight slip road or carriageway closures. Delays are expected on the M1 northbound at junctions 30 and 31 from 6am on Saturday 18 October to 10am the following day due to lane closures.

A1 Elkesley, Nottinghamshire: Junction improvement

Between now and September 2015 various restrictions will be in place including lane closures, carriageway closures, narrow lanes and a 40mph speed limit

A1 Great Ponton to South Witham, Lincolnshire: Survey works

From 20 October to 1 November, there will be lane closures in both directions from 8pm to 6am.

A5 Caldecote, Warwickshire: Junction improvement

From 16 February 2014 to 31 March 2015 lane closures and two way traffic signals will be in place while the junction is improved.

A5 Kilsby to Watford Gap, Northamptonshire: drainage

From 6 October to 22 December there will be temporary traffic lights or lane closures on the A5 Kilsby Roundabout south to Ashby St Ledger from 8am to 4pm.

A14 junction 7-9 Kettering Bypass, Northamptonshire: Widening

A contra-flow system is now in place and fully operational 24 hours a day. The contra-flow system includes temporary steel barriers to protect motorists and the workforce, and reductions in lane widths. Due to safety and recovery restrictions, drivers of HGV vehicles travelling both eastbound and westbound are advised to use Lane 1 only. A free vehicle recovery service is also in place and drivers are advised to remain in their vehicle until assistance arrives. A 24-hour 40mph speed limit is being enforced by average speed cameras. The new Lane 1 on the eastbound carriageway is now in use however, please note that the 40mph speed limit will remain in place until the end of the scheme to protect road users and road workers as they complete remaining work on the westbound carriageway.

A14 J3-7, Northamptonshire: drainage work

From 13 to 18 October there will be a full closure of the eastbound carriageway and a lane closure on the westbound carriageway from 8pm to 6am.Diversions will be signed.

A38 Mickleover to Toyota, Derby: resurfacing

From 16 to October to 18 November the southbound carriageway will be closed overnight, from 8pm to 6am. Laybys will be closed 24/7. Diversions will be signed.

A43 Padbury Roundabout to Ardley Roundabout, Oxfordshire: Improvement scheme

From 20 October to 20 February 2015 there will be various overnight lane and carriageway closures in place on both carriageways from 8pm to 6am.

A43 Tove Roundabout, Northamptonshire: Improvement scheme

From 15 September to 31 January 2015 there will be various overnight lane or carriageway closures on both carriageways. There will also be 24/7 narrow lanes and a 50mph speed limit.

A45 Skew Bridge to Chowns Mill, Northamptonshire: resurfacing

From 13 to 24 October the northbound carriageway will be closed overnight from 8pm to 6am. Laybys will be closed 24/7 from midday on the 13th. Diversions will be signed.

A45 Rushden, Northamptonshire: resurfacing

The eastbound carriageway of the A45 between Wellingborough and Rushden, Northamptonshire, will be closed over the weekend of 17 to 20 October for resurfacing.

A 1.5km section of road between the A509 Wilby Way Roundabout and the A5001 Skew Bridge Roundabout will shut at 8pm on Friday 17 October to 6am on Monday 20 October. Traffic will be diverted via the A509 northbound and the A14 eastbound.

A50 junction 24A (M1) to Sawley, Leicestershire: Resurfacing

From 25 to 27 October, there will be closures on the westbound carriageway from 8pm to 5am. Diversion route will be via M1, A5111 and A6.

A453 widening from M1 junction 24 to A52: Major improvement work

Major improvement works will continue to summer 2015. The 40 mph speed limits between the M1 junction 24 and Mill Hill Roundabout, and 30 mph between Mill Hill Roundabout and Silverdale Junction, are enforced by speed cameras. A 30mph speed limit has been established through Parkway Junction from Monday 11 August. The A453 diversion onto westbound slip roads at West Leake Junction remains in place. Traffic between Parkway and West Leake Junction was switched to the new westbound carriageway on 21 August 2014. Traffic was switched to the new westbound carriageway between 200m east of M1 junction 24 and the canal bridge on Friday 12 September. Traffic remains two-way on the single carriageway. The contractor will continue to work a 6 ½ day week, finishing at 1pm on Sunday. Unless otherwise stated, lane or carriageway closures below will take place during the following times: Monday to Thursday 8pm to 5am (M1 Junction 24), 8pm to 5.30am (Urban section) and 8pm to 6am (rural section). Friday 9pm to 5:30am Saturday Saturday 8pm to 5am Sunday Sunday 8pm to 5am Monday Advance closure notices: A453 between M1 Junction 24 and EM Parkway will be CLOSED overnight on Saturday 1 November. (A VMS sign will be erected on Saturday 18 October advising the public of this closure). A453 between Mill Hill and Crusader Roundabout will be CLOSED overnight on Friday 7 November. (A VMS sign will be erected on Friday 24 October advising the public of this closure).

This week on the A453:-

In the Urban Section:

  • At night-
    • 2 way traffic lights will be in place between the ESSO petrol station and Crusader Roundabout on Monday 20 October and Tuesday 21 October
    • 2 way traffic lights will be in place between the Crusader Roundabout and Mill Hill Roundabout on Wednesday 22 October
    • Glapton Lane will be closed on Wednesday 22 October.
    • Farnborough Road Junction eastbound lane closure from the westside of the lights to the end of the works on Thursday 23 October
    • 2 way traffic lights at Green Lane Junction on Thursday 23 October and Friday 24 October
    • 4 way traffic lights at Farnborough Junction and westbound lane closure from Silverdale on Friday 24 October
  • During the day-
    • N/A

In the Rural section:

  • At night -
    • 2 way traffic lights will be in place on the A453 opposite the central entrance to the power station on Wednesday 22 October
    • 2 way traffic lights will be in place immediately east of junction 24 from Monday 20 October to Thursday 23 October
  • During the day-
    • N/A

M1 junction 24/A50 Approach Economy Scheme

Work to improve the capacity and traffic flows at M1 Junction 24 has now commenced. There will be a series of closures on the approach routes to M1 junction 24 until early in 2015. Weekly updates will be given as work progresses. Diversion routes will be signed including directions for non-motorway traffic. Customers travelling to and from East Midlands Airport should allow extra time for their journeys during this work, particularly if they have a flight to catch. For real time traffic information visit Please note the A50 eastbound carriageway will be closed for five nights a week, Monday to Friday, until 24 October between the Warren Farm Junction at junction 24A and junction 24. The A50 westbound carriageway will be closed overnight, Monday to Friday, from Monday 27 October until the end of the year. Further details will be issued in next week’s bulletin. The diversion route for traffic traveling from the south and east to the A50 westbound, will be via M1 junction 25 and junction 24A. Carriageway and lane closures at M1 junction 24 will be 8pm to 5am Monday to Thursday and 9:15pm to 5am on Friday, unless otherwise stated.

This week at Junction 24:

  • at night:-
    • A453 Southbound closure between J24 and EM Airport on Sunday 19 October
    • A50 Eastbound closure on Saturday 18 October and then from Monday 20 October to Friday 24 October* (open Sunday)
    • A50 Westbound lane 2 closure on Saturday 18th October and then from Monday 20 October to Friday 24 October* (open Sunday)
    • Inner ring of the whole roundabout will be closed from Monday 20 October to Friday 24 October.
    • East quadrant inner ring lane closure on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 October.
    • South bridge lane closure on Saturday 18 October.
    • South bridge closed Sunday 19 October.
    • West quadrant 2 lanes closed on Saturday 18 October.
    • M1 Northbound exit slip road closure from Saturday 18 October to Friday 24 October
    • M1 Southbound exit slip road additional lane closure at junction Monday 20 October to Friday 24 October
Published 17 October 2014