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Photonic sensing technologies: apply for business funding

Businesses can apply for funding to develop applications of photonic sensing technologies ranging from food safety to health and security.

red laser

A European co-funding programme has up to €18 million to invest in a range of business projects to develop new photonics-based sensing technologies that aim to improve market share for Europe’s businesses.

Photonic sensors have wide applications including for smart barcodes, new sensing systems in the fight against crime and terrorism, advanced manufacturing and production techniques, environmental monitoring and in new medical diagnostic devices.

Projects will be funded in five application areas:

  • safety including food safety
  • civil security
  • manufacturing/production
  • environmental monitoring
  • medical applications

UK businesses will need to co-operate with at least one other partner from another participating country or region. The participating countries and regions are:

  • Austria
  • Flanders (Belgium)
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Tuscany (Italy)
  • United Kingdom

Organisations from other EU member states or associated states can also participate in projects.

Competition information

  • the competition is open, and the deadline for applications is 5pm Central European TIme on 5 December 2016
  • the competition is part of the ERA-NET co-funding programme and is jointly funded by participating countries and regions and the European Commission
  • projects must include at least 1 UK business to be eligible for UK funding
  • the UK has up to €1.8 million to support UK businesses, and businesses could attract up to 70% public funding of their costs
  • funding will be for small and large projects, and total costs are expected to range between €0.5 million and €4 million
  • projects are expected to last between 24 and 36 months
Published 8 September 2016