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PHE publishes Child Health Profiles 2015

The profiles provide a snapshot of children and young people’s health by local authority in England.

Group of school kids in the playground

The Child Health Profiles 2015, published today (17 June 2015), presents data across 32 key health indicators of child health and wellbeing. The data will help local organisations work in partnership to improve health in their local area.

Local government and health services can use the profiles to:

  • understand the health needs of their community
  • help improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people
  • reduce health inequalities

Public Health England (PHE) has also published a condensed version of the profiles for clinical commissioning groups which uses some of the same key indicators.

PHE’s National Child and Maternal (ChiMat) Health Intelligence Network’s website also provides interactive maps and charts for users to create customised views of the data, and links to further supporting and relevant products.

Published 17 June 2015