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Partnership Agreement – Altra Capital and El Dorado Investments

Cooperation agreement works with 24 regional departments in Peru to develop the capacity for undertaking PPP projects at a regional level.

Partnership Agreement – Altra Capital and El Dorado Investments

Partnership Agreement – Altra Capital and El Dorado Investments

On the 17th July 2015 Altra Capital and El Dorado Investments signed a cooperation agreement to provide PPP capacity building and technical advisory services to 24 regional departments in Peru.

The agreement will see Altra Capital, in conjunction with El Dorado Investments, provide a programme which will involve a period of training and capacity building in Peru followed by a mentoring phase where the departments will put some of their new knowledge into practice, with guidance on identifying and developing PPP pilot projects.

The programme will cover the principles for planning, delivering and operating infrastructure and PPP programmes at a sub-national level, as well as how to implement international best practices to achieve successful outcomes.

The programme, due to be delivered in the third and fourth quarter this year, will allow around 45 senior staff from regional departments all across Peru to work with international infrastructure experts to develop a better understanding of the key aspects required to encourage successful long-term investment in infrastructure projects.

About Altra Capital

Altra Capital is a high level independent advisory group established to review, design, implement and finance strategic and complex projects.

Altra Capital is predominantly active in infrastructure and public-private partnerships.

The team was created to bring together global PPP experts, all of whom have been active in the evolution of PPP since its inception. Altra Capital specialises in the provision of procurement, management, capacity building, financial and legal advisory services for the financing of infrastructure in all sectors; and especially to support public sector clients in the international market. Altra Capital offers a full range of transaction advisory services.

About El Dorado Investments

El Dorado Investments is an advisory company specialized in the designing, structuring, placement, consulting and management of assets for investment products oriented to institutional investors; largely pensions funds, insurance companies and family offices in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. Current partners and clients working to develop new transactions and products across the Latam region include leading asset managers and investment banks in global markets.

For further information please contact:

Cristobal Pollman / Associate Director for Latin America Altra Capital Ltd +44 203 726 1385

Melvin Escudero / CEO El Dorado Investments +51 1 440 0188

Published 25 August 2015