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Parole Board response to Ministry of Justice Review

Parole Board response to Ministry of Justice review


Following the publication of the Ministry of Justice’s Review of Law, Policy and Procedure Relating to Parole Decisions, Chief Executive, Martin Jones said:

“The Parole Board welcomes the change to the Parole Board rule to allow for the greater transparency of the parole process, which we have called for previously.

“We will be carefully considering all the implications of the review and will be responding to the consultation about the potential introduction of a reconsideration mechanism while also preserving the independence of the Parole Board.

“We agree that there is scope for further changes to the Rules to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the parole process and we will be working closely with the Ministry of Justice to make appropriate changes.”

Notes to Editors:

The Parole Board’s response to the review can be found here

Published 28 April 2018