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Parole Board Feedback

Parole Board launches feedback survey


The aim of this survey is to create a more structured and consistent approach to collating the feedback the Parole Board receives. This valuable information will be used to look at how we can improve our processes and services.

This survey is currently open to any party who has been involved in an Oral Hearing that took place throughout February.

If you have a specific complaint relating to the Parole Board, please ensure you follow our complaints policy

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes of your time, and can remain completely anonymous.

A PDF version of the survey has also been attached to allow hard copies of this survey to be given to prisoners to complete and return via post or via their offender management unit.

The deadline to complete the survey is 14th April 2016. Once all responses have been received, the results will be analysed, to look at rolling the survey out wider in April if successful.

A link to the survey can be found here

We would really appreciate if you could take the time to provide us your comments.

Published 15 March 2016