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Opportunities in the Japanese plant engineering sector

Dramatic changes in Japan's energy and electricity markets open up opportunities for UK companies in the plant engineering industry.

Opportunities in the Japanese plant engineering sector

The Japanese energy market is going through a dramatic reform at the moment. Markets across all energy related industries are opening up to new competition. This represents opportunities for foreign companies to win business in this area for the first time in Japan.

All of Japan’s nuclear reactors still remain offline and the likelihood is of only 2 re-starting in 2015. Japan has had to fulfill a vast energy production deficit by other means. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) demands are increasing globally with Japanese demands showing their highest records ever. Plant engineering firms in Japan are increasing their capability in this area and looking overseas for foreign expertise, technologies and collaboration.

Top opportunities

Our recorded webinar will give you a good understanding of the latest developments in the Japanese plant engineering industry and how big players in this industry are moving forward.

You can gain business knowledge of:

  • LNG projects in Japan in 2015
  • business prospects for the top 3 Japanese companies:
    • JGC
    • Chiyoda Corporation
    • Toyo Engineering
  • how UK companies can do business with the top players in the market

Watch our video to take your next steps towards entering this market.

Preview: Business Opportunities with Plant Engineering Companies in Japan

About our speakers

Takashi Maruta is Chief Editor of ENN Magazine, an influential publication for the plant engineering industry. His expertise lies in following Japanese engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors and the outlook of the Japanese plant engineering market.

Naomi Takegoshi is head of the Manufacturing, Consultancy and Services team at UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) Japan.

Next steps

Watch the full webinar to understand the potential for your business in the Japanese plant engineering industry.

Read our latest article on energy market deregulation in Japan to understand more about the current changes taking place in this industry.

Contact the UKTI Japan team for further advice and support on doing business in Japan.

Published 8 June 2015