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Number plate review

DVLA is carrying out a review of number plates and would like to know customers’ thoughts.

Number plate

Number plates are essential to keeping our roads safe. They serve a really important purpose of helping police and other enforcement agencies identify vehicles.

The rules on displaying number plates are in place to make sure number plates are memorable and visible so vehicles breaking the law are easily identified.

These rules also make sure that only registered suppliers can produce and supply number plates. These suppliers must follow strict procedures, so nobody else can get hold of and use your registration number for fraudulent purposes.

DVLA is reviewing the current system to make sure it’s fit for purpose and is doing its job of safeguarding the interests of the public. We would really like your views on whether this is working and if it can be improved.

Customer survey

Please take 5 minutes to respond to our short anonymous survey or tweet your views to @DVLAgovuk using the hashtag #PlateReview.

Published 1 May 2014