Press release

Number 10 Press Briefing - Morning From 22 February 2012

Football discrimination, Somalia, Health Bill and A4E contract were among the topics discussed at this session.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Football Discrimination

Asked whether the PM believed there should be harsher penalties for racism on the football pitch, the PMS said that the law applied on and off the football pitch.

Asked why the PM was calling the meeting on discrimination in football, the PMS said that discrimination was an important issue. Football had done good work on tackling racism, but needed to continue working at it.

Asked whether the PM agreed with Jeremy Hunt’s comments - that homophobia was just as important - the PMS said that the meeting was about discrimination in general and homophobia was clearly still an issue in British football.


Asked whether the National Security Council (NSC) had discussed the situation in Somalia, the PMS said that it had.

Asked whether the meetings with representatives from Nigeria and the Seychelles would be focussed on Somalia, the PMS said that the meetings would discuss a range of issues, but Somalia was also likely to be discussed.

Health Bill

Asked whether all parliamentary aides for Government ministers were expected to support the Health Bill, the PMS said that parliamentary aides were expected to vote with the Government.

Asked if there were going to be further amendments to the Health Bill, the PMS said that the Bill was going through Parliament and was therefore subject to Parliamentary scrutiny.

Asked what the Government position was on risk registers, the PMS said that the Government did not believe risk registers should be published as it would undermine departments’ ability to manage their risks effectively.

A4E Contract

Asked whether the PM thought there was a case for reviewing the contract with A4E, the PMS said that there was an ongoing police investigation that should be allowed to run its course.

Asked whether the PM was pleased with the performance of Emma Harrison or A4E, the PMS said that Emma Harrison had particular expertise on back to work issues.

Published 22 February 2012