Press release

Number 10 Press Briefing - Downing Street 12 March Morning

The budget, the Health Bill and the Afghan killings were among topics discussed at the 10 Downing Street press briefing.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


Asked what the PM view was on a Tycoon tax, the PMS said that taxation was an issue for the Chancellor.

Asked whether there would be any more meetings on the Budget after the trip to the US, the PMS said that the Treasury could give people more detail on the Budget process.

Heath Bill

Asked if Lord Howe was planning to table any more amendments to the Health Bill, the PMS said the Government was not planning to table any more amendments. There would be further discussion of the Health Bill in the House of Lords.

Hostages statement

Asked whether there were any updates on the rescue attempt of hostages in Nigeria, the PMS said there would be a Defence Secretary statement the following day.

Afghan killings

Asked whether the PM was concerned that British troops would be at greater risk because of the killings by a rogue US soldier, the PMS said that it was obviously a tragic event. This abhorrent act was carried out by a single individual and there was an investigation underway. The Government was sticking to its cause in Afghanistan. There was a clear plan which involved a measured transition allowing the Afghans to take over responsibility for security from ISAF forces. Regarding the safety of British forces in Afghanistan, decisions would be taken as necessary by commanders on the ground.

Asked whether the Government was confident this was the act of a single individual, the PMS said that was the Government’s understanding, but an investigation was underway. 

NHS Risk register

Asked what the position was regarding the publication of the risk register, the PMS said that the Government were awaiting the full detail of the judgement before looking at the next steps in the process.

NewBuy Scheme

Asked whether the Government was encouraging lending to people who could not afford to repay loans through the NewBuy scheme, the PMS said that the scheme was not encouraging people to borrow beyond their means. The Government wanted to make sure lenders were checking that borrowers could repay loans and mortgages. We were not proposing a return to the 100% plans mortgages we had seen in the past.

Published 12 March 2012