Press release

Number 10 Press Briefing - 12 March Afternoon

The US trip and our extradition treaty with the US were among topics discussed at the 10 Downing Street press briefing.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


Asked whether the PM was downgrading expectations following his statement that Afghanistan should be given the chance of prosperity and growth, the PMS said our objective in Afghanistan was to secure our own national security.

Asked whether the PM agreed that very few people in the UK believed security in the UK was related to our action in Afghanistan, the PMS said that we disagreed. Afghanistan had been the source of many terrorist plots in the past.

Asked whether there was any plan to review the policy after 10 years, the PMS said that there was an agreed international strategy and the Government was going to stick to it.

US trip

Asked whether the PM had plans to meet Republican party members in the upcoming trip to the US, the PMS said there were no meetings planned.

Extradition Treaty

Asked whether the PM was planning to raise extradition with President Obama, the PMS said it was possible that extradition would be discussed. There were a number of issues to be discussed and a readout of the meetings would be provided.

Asked what the Government policy was on the extradition treaty, the PMS said that there had been a report by Scott Baker and it was being considered by the Home Secretary.


Asked whether the PM would agree with Eric Pickles when he said people should have the right to wear a cross as long as it did not impede on your ability to do your job, the PMS said he would - people should be able to wear crosses.

Asked whether there was a conflict between Eric Pickles and Lynne Featherstone on this issue, the PMS said there was not. There had been some confusion in the media about the position of the Government. Our view was that the Equality Act should allow people to express their views by wearing a cross. A UK court had made a ruling, which the Government was obliged to pass on to the European Court of Human Rights without commentary.

Commission on Human Rights Bill

Asked what the PM thought of the way the commission on human rights was being run and whether he regretted Dr Pinto Duschinsky had resigned, the PMS said that the Ministry of Justice was waiting for the formal resignation of Dr Pinto Duschinsky. The work of the Commission was continuing and the Government would await its final report.

Published 12 March 2012