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Nine Panamanian students receive the prestigious Chevening Scholarship to pursue Masters Degree in the United Kingdom

This year nine students were awarded the Chevening Scholarship to study in the United Kingdom

HMA Ian Collard with the Scholars
HMA Ian Collard with the Scholars

The British Embassy has the honour to announce the 9 bright students selected for the prestigious Chevening Scholarship Programme for Masters Degrees in the UK. The Chevening Scholarship Programme was established in 1984 to provide opportunities for outstanding students to further their studies in the UK.

The origin of its name comes from the family Chevening Sevenoaks district of Kent, the official place of residence of the British Foreign Minister. The main purpose of the Scholarship Programme is equipped with the necessary bright awarded a personal and professional level in the fields of business, politics, science or any other business tools, not only for their benefit but also for that of their community and their country’s progress.

The selection process was conducted according to high standards of transparency and integrity. Once students submit their appilcations, the first filter is done by the Chevening Secretariat in London, followed by interviews with a specialized panel from the British Embassy in Panama City. This year, the Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources (IFARHU) has joined the efforts of the Embassy and has contributed financially to support the students selected.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom and the British Embassy in Panama City remain committed to award scholarships to outstanding students who in turn have a responsibility to create a better world. The UK urges the Panamanian society to perceive the country, regardless of curriculum or program of scholarships, to choose the UK as their 1st option for education in order to face up to the challenges of the XXI century. In addition, the UK is a reference for democratic tradition, committing to the rule of law and human rights which are values embedded in academic institutions.

The Chevening Scholarship Programme is a sign of long-term commitment of the United Kingdom with Panama.

The Chevening Scholars 2015-2016 are:

Gabriel Eduardo Silva, Public Policy. University of Oxford.

Maria Eugenia Ramos Crespo, LLM. University College London.

Daniela Alexandra Delvalle Zarak, Law and Finance. University of Cambridge.

Christopher Smith Buddle, Financial Management. University of Edinburgh.

Edison Broce, Public Policy. University of Oxford.

Luis Fernandez, Engineering Management, University of Birmingham.

Maria Gabriella Dutari Hernandez, Environmental Regulation and Sustainability. Newcastle University.

Andres Arturo Sanjur Ramirez, Corporate Law. University of Cambridge.

Juan Diego Alvarado De Leon, Democracy and Comparative Politics, University College London.

The process for applying for Chevening Scholarships for the academic year 2016/2017 is now open for Panama. Please visit this web page to get all the details

Published 12 October 2015