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Newton-Paulet Fund: workshops, researcher travel grants and institutional links applications welcome

Applications open until 8 June to the Institutional Links and Researcher Links programs for Peruvian and British researchers on water, biodiversity and healthcare issues.

The closing date of these calls is June 08, 2018

We welcome applications from researchers and scientists in the UK and Peru for both the Researcher Links and Institutional Links programme covering water, biodiversity and health.

As part of the UK’s Newton Fund, the second call for bids of the Newton-Paulet Fund is now open. The call for the Researcher Links and Institutional Links Programmes is being implemented by the British Council and Cienciactiva.

The Researchers Links programme aims to contribute to scientific cooperation and research through travel grants and workshops, creating links between Peruvian and British scientists and researchers.

The Institutional Links programme aims to increase the development of new knowledge and technologies that respond to the needs of society and the industrial sector of Peru, through joint research projects, between Peruvian and British researchers.

Both programs also seek to build and strengthen research capabilities in scientists and researchers from both countries. The submitted applications should be focused on the following priority topics:

  • water, including, but not limited to, the impact of glacier removal
  • biodiversity and Peruvian geography
  • health, specifically malnutrition and anemia

The Researcher Links programme has two funding formats:

  • Travel Grants: International research placements with the objective of training Peruvian researchers and building links for future research projects. Researchers and scientists need to reside in Peru before applying for a placement in a British University or Research Institution
  • Workshops: Financial support to develop workshops about the mentioned priority areas with the aim of contributing to scientific knowledge and research in Peru, and build links among attendees

The Institutional Links programme has a single funding format:

  • Collaborative Projects: Small scale seed funds for collaborative research projects between scientists and researchers from both countries.

All applications for the Researcher Links and Institutional Links must be submitted in English. British researchers must apply through the British Council. Peruvian researchers must apply through Cienciactiva.

The closing date of these calls is 8 June 2018.

Published 16 April 2018