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New UK-Japan collaboration on medical research and development

Japan celebrates the opening of its European office for medical research and development funding with a new agreement for collaboration with UK.

New UK-Japan collaboration on medical research and development

On 1 February 2017, the UK’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) to advance UK-Japan Partnership in medical research and development. The aim is to promote research collaboration in areas of medical science that build on the strengths of both countries. The research fields identified as initial priorities for collaboration include regenerative medicine; dementia; antimicrobial resistance and infectious disease.

Professor Sir John Savill, Chief Executive of the MRC, and Dr Makoto Suematsu, President of AMED, signed the agreement at the Japanese Embassy London as part of an opening ceremony for AMED European office, based in London.

Professor Makoto Suematsu, President of the Japanese Agency for Medical R&D said:

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the AMED London Office, which will serve as a European base from which to build a new and further strengthen links the Japanese medical and healthcare research communities have with partners in the region. Furthermore, it is our sincere hope that our Memorandum of Cooperation with the MRC - a welcome opportunity to work more closely with world-leading research expertise in the UK - will lead to rapid, real-world benefits in terms of new medical treatments, extended healthy lifespans and improved quality of life.

Professor Sir John Savill, MRC Chief Executive:

The opening of a Japan AMED office in London is an exciting development that will open up new opportunities for UK researchers to work with world-class scientists in Japan’s medical research community, with an initial focus on neuroscience, regenerative medicine, antimicrobial resistance and infectious disease. Our agreement with the Japan agency represents our strong commitment to international research collaboration, aiming to speed up the development of new treatments for diseases, leading to better health for all.

Further information

The UK’s Medical Research Council’s mission is to encourage and support research to improve human health, produce skilled researchers, advance and disseminate knowledge and technology to improve the quality of life and economic competitiveness of the UK, and promote dialogue with the public about medical research. Their work ranges from laboratory research, for example on genes and molecules, right through to research with people, such as clinical trials and population studies.

The Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) supports integrated medical R&D, from basic research to practical applications, with the aim of achieving the world’s highest level of medical care and services and to form a society in which people live long, healthy lives.

Published 3 February 2017