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New report on state of careers advice welcomed by UKCES

UK Commission for Employment and Skills welcomes new findings from National Careers Council.


The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has welcomed a new publication from the National Careers Council examining careers advice for young people in England.

The report, Taking action: Achieving a culture change in careers provision, is based on research from a range of different organisations including CBI, IPPR and the British Youth Council.

The report highlights that the majority of careers guidance offered is aimed at adults rather than young people, and calls for more to be done to address the balance.

The report was supported by Nestlé, whose chief executive, Fiona Kendrick, a commissioner for UKCES said:

UKCES research shows almost half (48%) of UK employers have staff who are not making full use of their skills. Poor careers advice exacerbates this situation, and risks more young people being caught in careers where they fail to maximise their talents.

“A lack of advice on differing career pathways is also a significant problem, with vocational routes into work - such as apprenticeships and vocational qualifications – often being overlooked when young people are making such important decisions.

“It is vital now that we ensure we do not turn a blind eye to this issue, and build a more robust system through which young people can be given the best possible advice that we can offer, and they deserve.”

View the National Careers Council findings.

Published 19 September 2014