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New practice paper on the impact of aid interventions

The NSGI has launched a new paper on increasing the impact of aid interventions to support centre of government reforms

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The new publication from the National School of Government International (NSGI): Increasing the Impact of Aid Interventions to Support Centre of Government Reforms, was developed in partnership with the Institute for Government (IfG) and explores the emerging NSGI approach of using practitioner-to-practitioner support, and adapting that to local priorities and the local context.

The use of practitioner-to-practitioner support may provide a useful framework for improving the effectiveness of the design, implementation and monitoring of aid interventions. The paper identifies three categories of interdependent, non-linear success factors that should be applied throughout any engagement with a recipient government:

Diagram showing the success factors map onto three elements of the NSGI Approach

On Tuesday 14 June the NSGI and the IfG held a roundtable discussion of the NSGI’s new publication, and an accompanying paper published as part of the IfG’s “Inside Out” series: Improving Government Effectiveness Across The World: Can Lessons From The UK’s Reform Experience Help?

The discussion was attended by a mix of key Whitehall personnel and academics from both the development and UK reform fields, and a range of implementers. There was a broad consensus that this is an innovative approach to providing aid interventions and that Partnerships can offer a solution where technical assistance cannot.

Published 4 July 2016