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New online visa application service launched in Tanzania

The UK Visas and Immigration department has launched a new online visa application service to make the visa application process faster and simpler for customers planning to visit the UK.

The UK Border Agency
The UK Border Agency

UK Visas and Immigration is committed to improving our service by making it more convenient, quicker and easier for customers globally to apply for visas.

Access UK (previously known as the Online Application Service) is already available in mainland China and India, and following its success UKVI is rolling it out globally to customers applying for a Standard Visitor, Visitor (Marriage & Civil Partnership), or Visitor (Permitted Paid Engagement) visa. Access UK is a much more user-friendly online application process, designed to provide a simple and intuitive customer experience. The really great news is that the system works from your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

If you’re applying for a visit visa in Tanzania, the new service is live and you can use it right now! Access UK is available or simply search online for ‘apply for a UK visa’, and you’ll be taken to the right page. Make sure you click on “apply using the new service”.

Customers can use Access UK to apply for their visit visa, book an appointment at their nearest Visa Application Centre, and pay for their application using our standard service, or priority or super-priority visa services (where they are available).

Over time, all customers applying for visit visas to the UK will be re-directed to Access UK, but Visa4UK will still continue to exist as an application service for other types of visa and customer groups. If you are applying for any other category of longer-stay visa, the process remains unchanged, and you still apply using the Visa4UK website.

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Published 5 July 2016